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We maintain a modest inventory of quality instruments. We mainly focus on building and modifying Fender-style guitars and basses. All of our custom builds are priced for players, not collectors. What that means is that we do not inflate prices to suggested retail costs or mark up our instruments to satisfy the demands of the collector community. Our instruments are MADE to be PLAYED.  

Conducting our business online using E-Commerce allows us to offer you the best prices in town on instruments and hardware. Guaranteed!    

Guitar & Bass Hardware
We sell parts!  We are an "AllParts" dealer and carry a large inventory of "AllParts" distributed hardware. 
New & Used Instruments
We occasionally sell new and used stock instruments, including acoustic guitars and basses, although our inventory consists primarily of new custom builds and a few modified or upgraded instruments.

Custom Instruments

We offer custom builds based on customer input and offer a variety of options for hardware, body parts and finishes. Our custom builds range in price from $300.00 for a standard quality instrument to $2,500.00 for a high quality custom shop equivalent.


Upgrade your guitar or bass! We will upgrade your guitar or bass! Contact us via email:

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Custom Build inquiries and orders are accepted and encouraged via email request to


Questions & Offers

Have a question on an inventory item or want to make us an offer on an instrument? Contact us!


Strat® P Bass® J Bass® and Tele® are trademarks of Fender Musical Instruments corp. Linus Paul Guitars is not affiliated with Fender Musical Corp.


We replaced the neck on this P-Bass with a Jazz-Bass neck and replaced all the stock hardware with high quality parts. The result is amazing.


EMG Active Pickups

We specialize in repairing and customizing Fender
Upgrade your Fender P or J bass with hardware proven to be the best in the industry. We can special order what you need and customize your instrument to improve upon it's playability and sound. We offer our customers the lowest pricing on quality hardware from Mighty Mite, AllParts, Fender, Gibson. We also restore finishes and do custom finishing work. Email us for a quote to improve your instrument!
This example of our upgrade process has transformed this average bass into a very high quality, top of the line instrument. This is simply the result of implementing excellent hardware that is professionally installed and configured to acheive maximum tone and playabilty. The improvement to an instrument is overwhelming to say the least.      
Our Recommended Hardware Upgrades for Basses:
Bodies: Replacement bodies from AllParts and Mighty Mite
Bass Colors: Ebony (black) , 3-Tone Sunburst, Natural
Finish Type: Behlen Nitrocellulose Lacquer
Pickups: EMG (Active), Bartolini, Fender Vintage Noiseless, Dimarzio, Seymour Duncan Basslines
Active & Passive modifications and custom wiring upon request.
Active preamps: Bartolini, AllParts, EMG, Seymour Duncan 
Necks: 21-fret Rock Maple with Rosewood fingerboard (Mahogany Skunk Striped) or 21-fret Mighty Mite Maple with Maple fingerboard.
Tuners: Schaller BML
Bridge: Leo Quann BadAss I, II, III or Schaller Roller Bridge 
A combination of these excellent hardware components and professional setup will result in an awesome sounding and playing guitar that is a cut above the rest. Guaranteed.

Schaller Roller Bridge.

Custom Builds: This is one of our standard custom built guitars,  which includes a 22-fret maple neck with Ebony fingerboard and a custom nitrocellulose sunburst finish: 



We specialize in upgrading and customizing Fender Strat guitars!
We sell customized instruments that are loaded with nothing less than the best hardware available. We can customize and/or restore your Guitar  or Bass!
Each piece of hardware can be specifically chosen and professionally installed to meet our customers quest for tone and/or playability.
Our Recommended Hardware Options  for Custom Builds and Upgrades for Solid body Electric Guitars:
Bodies: Replacement bodies from AllParts and Mighty Mite.
Colors: Olympic White, Ebony, 3-Tone Sunburst, Trans Red, Trans Blue, Natural
Finish Type: Behlen Nitrocellulose Lacquer
Pickups: Fender Noiseless Dual Coils, Fender Samarium Cobalt Noiseless, Mighty Mite Low Noise Single Coils, Mighty Mite Humbuckers, Seymour Duncan
Electronics: Active & Passive modifications and rewiring upon request.
Necks: 22-fret replacement necks made of Rock Maple with Ebony fingerboard (Mahogany Skunk Striped)
Tuners: Sperzel, Schaller, Grover, or Gotoh Vintage Kluson-style staggered posts.
Tremolo: FLoyd Rose, Wilkinson Vintage floating block with 3-springs 
Hardware upgrades and our professional setup on a Strat results in an awesome sounding and playing guitar that is a cut above the rest. Guaranteed.

3-tone sunburst, ebony neck, Fender Samarium Cobalt Noiseless pickups, Wilkinson Tremolo


Customized Jazz Bass: We stripped and replaced all the stock hardware and refinished this bass with a custom 3-tone sunburst:   


Leo Quann BadAss II.


Schaller Tuners & Duncan Basslines

See our current Inventory of guitars!

See our current Inventory of basses!


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